What Our Clients Are Saying

"Before working with YFP Planning I had a decent baseline understanding of my finances and general goals I wanted to achieve. I was doing all the typical things (an emergency fund, maxing 401k contributions, budgeting, etc) but I was stuck on what the next steps were. Working with YFP Planning helped me get to that next level. They learned about my individual goals and helped me develop a plan that would reach them in a way that aligned with what I value. I continue to work with them regularly and see them as a trusted advisor on my financial journey, helping me see blind spots and prepare for life changes."

- Kelley D. Carlstrom, PharmD, BCOP

KelleyCPharmD Founder & CEO

"YFP Planning has allowed us to change the trajectory of our family tree. The full fee-only, unbiased spectrum of services start with developing and keeping you accountable for a monthly budget and extend through to tailoring a personalized and comprehensive 8-part financial plan that is built around your own goals and dreams. YFP Planning helped us erase $85,000 of our almost $240,000 of student loan debt, and now we are ready to set sail toward our next financial goal!"

- Kenith (K.C.) Fritsche, PharmD


"Working with YFP Planning over the past 4 years has helped us increase our financial literacy and work intentionally toward meeting our short- and long-term financial goals. We feel confident with the fee-only structure that our financial planning team always has our best interests in mind."

- Sarah Wheeler, PharmD, BCACP

Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice

"YFP Planning has been a great group to work with! They have helped me navigate my finances during residency and into my current job. Every person I've worked with has been easy to communicate with, knowledgeable, and reliable- I know I can trust them with my future!"

- Felicia Bartlett, PharmD, BCTXP

Clinical Pharmacy Specialist - Solid Organ Transplant

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